Intelligent Vision Technology

Intelligent Vision Technology

Established in 1990, CiSRA - Canon Information Systems Research Australia - is the Australian R&D Centre for Canon, a world leader in professional business and consumer imaging equipment and information systems.

CiSRA is a dynamic R&D company developing advanced technology solutions with a strong commitment to innovative and business-driven research.

CiSRA Portfolio

Image Segmentation Machine Learning

Image Segmentation Projects

CiSRA has developed deep learning-based segmentation on custom hardware for high accuracy, real time image processing

Action Recognition Intelligent Vision

Action Recognition Projects

CiSRA technology analyses patterns in video for a range of applications including sports statistics, Health & Safety and suspicious behaviour

Material Appearances Intelligent Vision

Material Appearances Projects

CiSRA is developing technologies for the surface characteristics capture of real objects for subsequent re-rendering using industry standard tools for applications in the video FX and e-Commerce markets

Immersive Technologies Virtual Reality

Immersive Technologies Projects

CiSRA immersive reality technologies allow for unique interactive experience whereby the real world is augmented with virtual information

Video Coding Standardisation

Video Coding Projects

CiSRA has contributed to the development of multiple image and video compression standards over 20 years, including PDF, SVG, JPEG2000 and JPEG-XS, MPEG, HEVC (H.265), and most recently VVC (H.266)

Video Surveillance Intelligent Vision

Video Surveillance Projects

CiSRA's technology enables applications in environments where thousands of security cameras must operate together to detect threats or perform business analysis

Image Alignment Intelligent Vision

Image Alignment Projects

CiSRA has world leading image alignment techniques with sub-pixel accuracy for applications in printers, image stitching, microscopy and computer aided diagnostics

3D Mapping Virtual Reality

3D Mapping Projects

CiSRA has developed techniques to calibrate multiple projectors to seamlessly project onto a variety of non-planar surfaces for dynamic effects

Meta Learning Machine Learning

Meta Learning Projects

CiSRA has developed automatic design of deep networks for image recognition tasks, dramatically speeding up the development process for pushing deep learning systems into production

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