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Ongoing Opportunities

CiSRA offers a unique opportunity to join an Australian company, actively engaged in research and development that is part of a global organisation.

CiSRA employs people with a broad range of expertise including:

  • Research Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • User Experience Researchers

Learn more about working at CiSRA by viewing the current positions available.

Applying for a role at CiSRA

At CiSRA, our recruitment & selection process is geared towards finding top researchers and engineers. Our selection process is rigorous and challenging. Questioning is aimed at identifying both the depth and breadth of a candidate's technical knowledge and problem solving skills.

Our standard selection process consists of:

1. Online application

CiSRA accepts applications through the CiSRA home page on LinkedIN.

Please provide your CV as a document, a cover letter and your contact details with your application.

After your application has been submitted, you will receive an email from CiSRA acknowledging receipt of your application.


2. Application review

Applications are reviewed by the hiring manager who will review your background, qualifications and employment experience for suitability for the role.

3. Interviews

Suitable applicants will be contacted and invited to attend an interview. This interview may be either with the hiring manager or with a panel. At the interview we will ask questions about your background and experience. The interview may also include problem solving exercises and some assessment of technical abilities.

For most roles there is a second interview. Your CiSRA HR contact will keep you informed about the next steps.

4. Reference Check, Background Check and Offer of Employment

CiSRA will make detailed reference checks and check your right to work in Australia prior to an offer of employment being made.

For some key roles, background checking may also be required. Your CiSRA HR contact will advise you if a background check is required for the position you have applied for. Offers of employment are only made once references and background checks are satisfactorily reviewed. 

Your CiSRA HR contact will keep you informed at each phase of the checking process.

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