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R&D with
Global Impact

CiSRA's Mission

CiSRA's mission is to research and develop innovative digital imaging technologies that strengthen and diversify Canon's worldwide business.

CiSRA continues to add value to Canon by creating strong core technologies and strong patents. To maintain and grow our contribution, we need to continually evolve our plans and become more research orientated.

Today we are collaborating more and more with our sister companies in regions such as the Philippines and India. While they do more of the short term development work we are increasingly focusing on the creative side.

CiSRA has a very good track record in research and developing technology for Canon products. Some of our successful projects have included:
  • Ultra Fast Rendering [printers and multifunction devices]
  • Image Compression [digital camera]
  • Video Surveillance/analysis [network video solutions]
Our current focus is to assist Canon with achieving its goal of being the leading company for cross-media imaging.

Our Strength is our People

In order to stay at the cutting edge creatively, CiSRA's key tool is a very strong employment development program, making sure that employees have the right technical knowledge and also the knowledge of how to protect the company's intellectual property.

Living and Working Together for the Common Good

Canon’s corporate philosophy is founded on a responsible approach to working. In 1988, Canon encapsulated this approach in the word kyosei, which is translated as "living and working together for the common good". Through our kyosei philosophy, we aim to make the world a better place by attempting to correct the imbalances brought about by trade, income and our impact on the environment.

Canon believes that each step we take in trying to work for the common good ­ as individuals and as an organisation ­ does make a real difference. Of course, our actions speak louder than words. We aim to act morally, in accordance with our own code of conduct and our worldwide ethical compliance framework. But more than this, we aim to make a positive difference to all we come into contact with and, through our behaviour, contribute to positive change.

This report details some of our local achievements and future aspirations in working for the common good.

View the
Canon Oceania Sustainability Website.

CiSRA is ISO 14001:2004 certified and accordingly adheres to the
Canon Oceania Environment Policy.

Research Sponsorships

At CiSRA, we go further than our own office for design and development ideas. We sponsor research and student prizes with several Universities and have close working relationships with Australian R&D groups and local companies.

Research Sponsorships

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